LE Insights: Content Marketing

LE Insights: Content Marketing

Written by: Rebecca Ellwood (Partner Content Producer Luxury Escapes)

Ever since its inception, Luxury Escapes has utilized captivating content to engage its audience and convert to purchase. This marketing approach is, and has always been, one of the company’s key points of difference.

At whatever touchpoint a customer arrives – whether Facebook, Instagram, email, a newspaper advertisement, the Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays TV show, the Luxury Escapes glossy travel magazine or the website itself – they will be met with evocative, inspiring and informative content to inspire them to travel to destinations they might not have otherwise considered. This, combined with the limited-time offer structure, creates a compulsion to purchase. Indeed, 95% customers reported weren’t planning on staying at the hotel before purchasing the package, and only 2.5% would have purchased from the hotel’s website.

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The Offer Page

Each deal on the website is given a bespoke and carefully-curated, SEO-optimised offer page, combining compelling imagery, video and copy to create an unmissable purchase opportunity. The key selling points of the deal are considered and the offer structured accordingly, whether it opens with an image of the hotel’s luxurious club lounge, its infinity pool or a drone shot of its spectacular surroundings.

Got exceptional inclusions? These will be put up in lights and used as a hook to draw the reader in.

Discover how Luxury Escapes merchandises its deals here.

Media Advertising

Using the same approach as the offer page, national newspaper advertisements are implemented weekly to inspire the need to travel and create a sense of urgency around limited-edition offers. A weekly presence in select titles keeps Luxury Escapes top of mind with readers.

The Online Magazine

Luxury Escapes keeps its finger on the pulse of the hottest destinations, travel news and partner-driven stories to keep its readers inspired on the accompanying online magazine. A key marketing tool, the magazine recently received investment for a fresh new look and a more user-friendly, optimized experience than ever before. Exciting new opportunities for partners include advertising space on all pages and wings on the homepage, the opportunity to feature on the homepage via a lead article, video sections to promote hotels and destinations, refined travel verticals pushing a range of content research has proven readers are most interested in, and a featured destinations section to promote certain areas.

Additional traffic is driven to the magazine via Facebook posts and the deal pages themselves. To complete the user journey, magazine content links to current live deals to drive purchases.

Check out Luxury Escapes’ online magazine content here.

The Print Magazine

In 2018, Luxury Escapes launched a glossy travel magazine available to purchase in select news outlets and via subscription, developed in collaboration with the agency Grin Creative. The creation of this tangible piece of travel inspiration provides an additional channel to inspire the reader to experiment with destinations they hadn’t considered before, ultimately driving traffic to the website.

For more details click here.

Email Marketing

Luxury Escapes members receive not only inspirational, image-led EDMs to promote the latest offers on a daily basis, but content-driven emails featuring a carefully-curated selection of articles and interest pieces to further inspire the need to travel. These can include topical destinations, articles linking to best-selling offers and sponsored partner content.

Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays TV Show

In July 2018 Luxury Escapes launched the third season of its dedicated TV show, Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays, screened on Australia’s Network Ten in collaboration with American Express. The inaugural series won a Mumbrella Award for 'Best Use of Native or Content Marketing' in 2017.

The show takes viewers on a wanderlust tour of the world to discover the most exclusive experiences and resorts, including partners of Luxury Escapes. As the show is screened, viewers are invited to text and call in to book packages for the destinations featured. New deals are launched to the website in tandem with each episode to optimize exposure.

Luxury Escapes: Radio

Luxury Escapes hosts a Saturday half hour radio program - The Weekend Edition on Australia’s biggest talk radio network Macquarie Media, reaching over 1.8 million Australians weekly. Hosted by Justin Jameson, Luxury Escapes glossy magazine publisher – The Travel Show follows the best places to eat, drink, stay and play all around the globe. Deals are launched to coincide with on-air promotion through the radio show.

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LE Insights: Social Media

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