LE Insights: Social Media

LE Insights: Social Media

Written by: Rebecca Ellwood (Partner Content Producer Luxury Escapes)

Social media and digital advertising is a cornerstone of Luxury Escapes’ strategy. As a digital-first company, finding intelligent ways to reach and engage an appropriate audience online, and ultimately convert followers to purchase, is a critical element of the company’s marketing approach.  

Today, Luxury Escapes has a monthly social reach of  15 million people, including 1.1 million actively engaged fans. This community is travel rich and goes on to purchase over AU$8 million in holidays each and every month. 

“Luxury Escapes deploys a wide range of tactics to drive awareness and engagement across its audience and is continuously growing its reach through data-driven targeting towards users displaying travel consideration signals across the web,” explains Matt Meisner, VP of Digital Marketing for Luxury Escapes. 


More Than One Million Facebook Followers… and Counting 

Content is key at Luxury Escapes: a mantra that applies not only to the transactional website, but all channels through which potential members can be reached.  

The @LuxuryEscapesTravel Facebook page has more than a million followers who are exposed to carefully-curated video, photographic and editorial content designed to inspire the viewer and ultimately, convert sales. 

“Facebook is a crucial part of our marketing strategy,” explains Emily Finlay, Social Media Marketing Manager for Luxury Escapes. “Through Facebook we not only promote our holiday offers to an extremely engaged database of members, we also reach a whole new market of  people who have never even heard of Luxury Escapes. We're all about engaging with our members, and Facebook is the perfect platform to have real conversations about what they want from us as a company.” 

In addition to organic posts, paid Facebook advertising is utilized, generating in the region of AU$8million in revenue for Luxury Escapes monthly. 

Posts over the course of one month can generate: 

  • A reach of more than 15 million 

  • More than 15,000 comments 

  • More than two and a half million video views 

A Pioneer of LE Live 

In April 2017, Luxury Escapes became one of just a handful of Australian companies to leverage Facebook Live as a marketing channel. As a digital-first business, this new platform allowed Luxury Escapes to further connect with customers and build personal rapport through an interactive, chat-show-style broadcast.  

The shows, based around a different theme or destination each week, invite the audience to engage by contributing questions for the hosts, tips, comments and competition entries during the broadcast. Hundreds of sales enquiries are also sent through Facebook’s direct messaging system as a result of each broadcast.  

  • Average 21,000 views per show 

  • Viewership of 107,000 for the ‘New York’ destination special 

  • Average of 60 viewer comments per broadcast 

  • Average peak live viewership of 107 

  • Average reach of 127,754  

This special New York edition of LE Live, featuring the Renaissance New York offer, was viewed 107,000 times, reached 317,475 and achieved 4,301 engagements.  


Primarily a platform for evocative and aspirational visual content, the Luxury Escapes Instagram page invites its 183k followers to travel the world via its grid and ‘Stories’ functions. Purchasing inspiration is published daily with a call to action to the live deal on each post.  

  • Top-performing Instagram story: 120,520 impressions 


An Audience of Advocates  

Luxury Escapes consistently achieves a high level of engagement from its audience through its combination of aspirational content and limited edition offers. 

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