The Launch of Tours by Luxury Escapes

The Launch of Tours by Luxury Escapes


Luxury Escapes is proud to present its tailored small-group tours, designed for travellers seeking unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in incredible destinations around the world.

These outstanding trips could take you as far as Sri Lanka, Botswana, Jordan, Egypt, Mexico, Bhutan or China. During the tours travellers will get to enjoy local insights, dining experiences and unforgettable activities that you wouldn’t be able to experience travelling on your own.

What makes Tours by LE different?

On a Tour by LE, you will visit unique locations, immerse yourself in another culture, indulge in gourmet delicacies and experience breathtaking moments around the world in high style and five-star comfort along the way with a local expert to guide your experience.

Small Groups

Unlike most tour companies, Created by LE Tours only take a maximum of 16 people per tour – some tours have even been for just two!


Luxury Escapes cuts our the middle man to ensure all our tours are not only tried and tested five-star quality, but are also the best price on the market.


Every single tour, from Jordan to Spain to Vietnam, include only the best of the best for both hotels and experiences. Each tour is guaranteed to have five star hotels and world class experiences.

Local Know How

Our tours are created by our expert travellers, who work closely with locals to discover off-the-beaten-track places that make the holiday unique. As a bonus, because LE tours are restricted to small groups, you can actually hear your guide!

Open Doors You Never Knew Were There

Created by LE Tours focus on those bucket list destinations you never thought you’d get around to – and show you a side you didn’t know existed.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Tour

Luxury Escapes’ Head of Tour, Sonia Pilovska recently shared some of her industry insider tips to help Luxury Escapes members find the right tour for them:

Speed up or slow down
Choose a trip that travels at the same pace that you do.

Balance the budget
Some tours are all-inclusive, others limit inclusions to give guests more freedom to do their own thing so decide which option suits you better.

Size matters
Decide which group size is going to work for you.

Feel free
Choose an itinerary that offers the right amount of free time for you.

Pursue your passion
Decide what you most want from this trip and then find the tour that can fulfil your dreams.

Want to learn more? Check out our Luxury Africa and Italy tours below, or head online to, or download the free Luxury Escapes smartphone app.

LE On Tour Takes NSW!

LE On Tour Takes NSW!

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