Luxury Escapes Launches SEA Regional Headquarters

Luxury Escapes Launches SEA Regional Headquarters

Luxury Escapes is proud to announce the launch of its new Singapore headquarters as part of the company’s aggressive expansion plans in Southeast Asia.

Since launching four years ago, Luxury Escapes has quickly become Australia’s fastest growing travel company with more than one million members and a turnover last year of more than $200 million. The Luxury Escapes business represents some of the world’s best hotels and is credited with driving incremental traveller demand.


Speaking at a series of launch events in Singapore last week, Luxury Escapes General Manager, Blake Hutchison, said the company was excited to establish a significant presence in the region and replicate its Australian success.

“For over four years Luxury Escapes has been representing the luxury travel segment. We’ve opened this market up with supplier direct relationships and demonstrated we can drive new incremental demand. We have a growing base of customers across Southeast Asia and the model has already proven successful. We’ll now ramp up our efforts benefiting both travelers and suppliers in the region,” Mr Hutchison said. “The company’s new Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore will serve both the demand and supply side.

“With so many of the world’s best hotels and resorts based in this region, it’s a natural geography to build on relationships,” Mr Hutchison said. “We now have a business development team on the ground.”

“We will also grow our customer base in the Southeast Asia. More than one million travellers have experienced a Luxury Escape. The ‘great deals in amazing places’ value proposition works and we’re confident it will work across South East Asia also. Much of what we do will remain the same but there will be some customisation to match local travel patterns and preferences. When you consider the proximity of amazing destinations like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia it is clear there is huge untapped potential and we’re very excited,” Mr Hutchison said.

Mr Hutchison said Luxury Escapes sets itself apart by offering more. They tend to offer inclusions like meals, massages and return airport transfers with their packages.

“Everyone is value conscious. On that basis we’ve set ourselves apart by offering so much more than a bed, in a room, in a hotel. We sell an experience,” Mr Hutchison said. “By bundling we are able to negotiate the best offers, while at the same time, we drive incremental demand for our partner properties.”

Lux Group is the owner of Luxury Escapes and Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Schwab, echoed these comments and said the Luxury Escapes model had very strong appeal to travel operators.

“High-end properties worldwide are keen to partner with Luxury Escapes for one simple reason – we generate profitable campaigns,” Mr Schwab said.

“Considering the average purchase from Luxury Escapes is around $2000 and that Luxury Escapes’ sales campaigns consistently generate over 5000 room nights, it’s a very attractive proposition.

“It’s a classic win, win, win. The customer wins by getting the world’s best holiday, the property drives profit and we get to sit in the middle as the facilitator.”

To coincide with Luxury Escapes’ Southeast Asian expansion, the company’s hit travel TV program, Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays, has recently premiered on A+E Networks’ FYI Channel across the region.

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