5 tips to maximise your next Luxury Escapes campaign

5 tips to maximise your next Luxury Escapes campaign

At Luxury Escapes we’re always working closely with our partners to ensure a campaign is built from the ground up to achieve incredible results. We deliver high-impact campaigns in a limited-time offer format that are short and sharp, making it even more critical to get things right while the spotlight is on your property. Our dedicated team of professionals is always here to ensure your campaign goes off seamlessly, but to truly maximise your results, we’ve put together a list of best practice for partners.

 #1. Plan ahead  


Starting the conversation with Luxury Escapes early ensures our partnership team have more time to deeply understand your business objectives and tailor a campaign that aligns with them to help maximise sales and exposure. 

LE Partnerships & Contracting Manager Tom McMenemie discusses the impact of getting the conversation started early: “Having these conversation months in advance to understand our partners’ specific business allows us to plan (and negotiate) the offers well in advance, ensuring we deliver a great result,” he says.

“It’s as much about understanding the hotel’s goals and marketing strategy as it is about trying to get the best deal. For example, on one campaign I worked on this year, the vendor was very clear: ‘We want Luxury Escapees to generate US$2,000,000 revenue in 2019.’ We then set about looking how we achieve that. This vendor effectively has three properties within the complex, so we were able to run multiple offers with different variations across the board. At this stage we are well on track to exceeding expectations.” 

LE Partnerships & Contracting Manager Trent Ellen adds: “We use print media, TV, EDM, social media, SEO, Radio, targeted distributions and personalisation to create a message that highlights the campaign and drives as much production as possible.   

“To do this requires strategy and time. The partners that return the highest result have a campaign scheduled months prior, and we become a part of their annual distribution strategy.” 

Tarvinder Singh, Revenue Manager at The Langham, Melbourne experienced great success thanks to a strategic partnership with LE. He says: “Based on our success in 2018 we were delighted to partner with Luxury Escapes again this year. As a strategic partner they worked closely with us to ensure that our campaign delivered, both from a financial aspect and by delivering other key objectives for the hotel.” 

 #2. Maximise exposure with Instagram Stories 


Luxury Escapes’ Instagram Stories are shared to our 200K+ Instagram followers, with average impressions of 100K+ and 1K+ click throughs to each deal. Your dedicated account manager will be in touch during your campaign to request assets for Instagram Stories. Here’s how to make your story shine:

What we need: Providing content for Instagram stories is easy. All we need from our partners is 10-15 photos and videos of the property, including (if applicable) rooms, restaurants, pool areas, and anything else of interest. 

How to take photos & videos: Instagram uses portrait-style images and videos, so please make sure you’re taking vertical photos and videos, ideally with your smartphone. Videos should also be less than 15 seconds long. Panning videos of rooms, pool areas and restaurants are great! 

What not to do: Images and video need an ‘insider’ and authentic feel. Please avoid having people posing in photos as it looks very set up – we want our Instagram followers to get a true sense of the property.  

#3. Utilise offline campaigns to extend revenue potential 


Did you know Luxury Escapes can continue to bring in the bookings even after campaigns end? While the offer comes down from the websites after the 14-day sale period, we provide our members with an entire portfolio of “hidden” offers that can only be accessed through our call centre. This is an effective way to continue to drive passive bookings until your next Luxury Escapes campaign, and we have seen partners generate an additional 10-18% in revenue from their hidden offers. 

Getting a hidden offer set up is easy; simply speak with your dedicated Account Manager to get up and running!

#4. Aim for an even distribution of allocation    


While Luxury Escapes can structure campaigns to target occupancy during partners’ need periods through the use of surcharges and tailored marketing, we still aim to provide a solid spread across both low and high seasons. Not only does this give our customers more options and a better experience, but it drives more attention to the offer and boosts sales.  

#5. Inventory management  

Luxury Escapes offers sell fast while the campaign is live and keeping track of inventory daily and topping up allocation when it’s running low will help to maximise sales.  

Your Account Manager will be in touch when inventory is running low and work with you on topping up where it’s most needed. In addition to this, you can monitor and increase inventory yourself via your dedicated Partner Portal at any time during the campaign. 

Ready to use these tactics on your next Luxury Escapes campaign? It’s never too early to start the conversation to discuss ways we can maximise your property’s profitability.

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