Announcing the Acquisition of Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel

Announcing the Acquisition of Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel

Authored by: Blake Hutchison (GM - Luxury Escapes)

Today, we’re excited to announce that Luxury Escapes has acquired Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel in a further demonstration of our commitment to the travel industry. Luxury Escapes, as Australia’s fastest growing company and now the choice of over 1 million travelers, is now uniquely positioned to support partners across the globe and segment our marketing to make the most of every partner opportunity.

Luxury Escapes offers premium hotel and resort partners access to a market thirsty for travel, opening up new demand; while offering customers value for money with specially curated travel experiences. With Scoopon Travel and Bon Voyage we are afforded greater targeting capability and our unique approach to driving profitability for owners and brands will continue.

For the past 4 years and more recently with Bon Voyage, these two businesses, previously under the ownership of Catch Group, have successfully driven demand for thousands of hotels worldwide. Now, we all share one vision – to build travel demand and enable incredible holiday experiences.

For the immediate period, the three brands will continue to operate independently with some level of technology integration happening over time.

We want to thank our partner community for their ongoing support and we are very confident that our commitment to your business, with the customer leverage we now have, will be hugely beneficial for all parties.

There are no doubt lots of questions so feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager or Partnerships & Contracting Manager with any questions. To begin, I’ve shared some key questions below:

Who to speak to / key contacts?
Your current contact will remain unchanged. If you have a relationship with staff at Luxury Escapes or Scoopon Travel / Bon Voyage please continue to liaise with each separately.

Will an agreed partnership be shared across brands?
Not initially. Moving forward we’ll be able to have a discussion about which brands suit you best and what you are trying to achieve from our partnership.

Are you still a luxury travel website?
Absolutely. Luxury Escapes still and only represents the world’s best holidays.

Finally, if you would like to read our Press Release with key comments from Luxury Escapes CEO & Co-Founder Adam Schwab, please read below.

Blake Hutchison
General Manager – Luxury Escapes

5 December 2017

Luxury Escapes acquires Scoopon Travel and Bon Voyage

Australia’s leading online travel company, Luxury Escapes, today announced it has acquired leading travel brands Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel, to reinforce its position as a travel powerhouse.

The acquisition of Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel by Luxury Escapes’ parent company, Lux Group, creates one of the biggest online travel players in Australia with a combined membership base of close to three million people and over A$300m of pro forma turnover.

Luxury Escapes CEO, Adam Schwab, said the acquisition enables three of the industry’s major online travel brands to increase purchasing power, while retaining their respective brand identities and strong customer service orientation.

“This acquisition is a game changer for the industry,” Mr Schwab said. “We believe the combined power of our brands, our diverse market offering across different segments of the market and incredible dedication to customer service creates an even clearer alternative to the tiered and traditional travel agent market today.

“We have always respected Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel and by preserving their strengths, and bringing Luxury Escapes’ travel expertise to the mix, we believe we are setting the stage for continued organic growth,” Mr Schwab said.

Luxury Escapes, Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel collectively service almost 500,000 travellers around the world each year.

Since Luxury Escapes launched in October 2013 it has established a membership base of more than two million and helped more than one million Australians take one of the world’s best holidays. More recently Luxury Escapes has launched a regional headquarters in Singapore, with staff operating on four continents.

Mr Schwab said that for now it remained business as usual for all brands.

“Over the coming months we will closely review the brand and customer strategy to determine a long-term solution that makes the most sense for all of our current and future customers and partner properties.”

In an earlier joint announcement between Lux Group and Catch Group, Adam Schwab, commented:

“We are thrilled to have the Bon Voyage and Scoopon Travel businesses join Luxury Escapes. This transformative transaction will allow Lux Group to establish a focussed and scaled Travel eCommerce business with over A$300m of pro forma turnover as we continue to deliver the world’s very best travel packages to consumers across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.”

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